Gemstone Index

Our intention-based jewelry line incorporates natural, genuine gemstones that are chock-full of vibrant energy.


AGATE: Protects from deception, bad dreams, stress and energy drains. It brings harmony and balance thus allowing one to make fair and just decision. Agate improves concentration and perception.

ANGELITE: This stone helps connect with the angels and spiritual guides. It also unblocks communication barriers and can dispel fear, anger and encourages forgiveness.

AMAZONITE: Balances feminine and masculine energies. Encourages trusting behavior. Stimulates both sides of the brain to work. Enhances both intuitive perceptions and reasoning. A good stone for artists. 

AMETHYST: Known for its healing powers. It has the ability to attract spiritual energies and to calm restless thoughts. Provides peace of mind. It is a good stone for meditation and to attract serene dreams. 

APATITE: Enhances creativity and is attuned to communication, healing, balancing and teaching. Apatite helps blockages and congestions of the chakras and aids in unconditional acceptance of circumstances and people.

AQUAMARINE: Aids in compassion and tolerance. It facilitates communication both with others and with the deeper self. It favors creativity, confidence, serenity and attainment to the spiritual realm. It is said to help safe and prosperous sea voyage. 

AVENTURINE: Amplifies the ability to focus and find creative solutions. Develops courage and independence. Best for fearless thoughts and clarity of mind.

BLACK ONYX: Black onyx is believed to be of the most power protection stones. By absorbing negative energies, it alleviates worries and tensions.

BLACK TOURMALINE: Protects from all kinds of negativity. Strengthens and balances both the body and spirit. 

BLOODSTONE: Bloodstone usually helps us live in the "here and now." It eliminates confusion and entices decision making. Helps remove energy blocks It is said to strengthen the immune system.

BLUE CHALCEDONY: The faith stone encourages us to make positive changes. Induces emotional stability and eases communication. Reputed to prevent accidents and reduce irritation and anger.

BLUE LACE AGATE: Stimulates the expression of what we feel in the heart and think in the mind. As an agate, it is a grounding stone, and when we feel grounded in our bodies we often feel more comfortable.

BLUE TIGER EYE: Aids in decision making and helps one to gain perspective. It deepens mediation and allows us to see the truth in others. It enhances confidence, will and courage. 

BOTSWANA AGATE: The Eye Agate has been known to guard from the evil eye. Protects from over-sensitivity and helps overcome addictions and compulsive patterns. Brings balance and emotional comfort. Helps focus on solutions.

CARNELIAN: Carnelian is an energy booster. It promotes ambition, confidence and happiness. It brings serenity and stability. Can also enhance creativity. 

CHRYSACOLLA: Eases heart blocks such as fear, loss, guilt, anger or sorrow. It provides inner strength, and brings about acceptance can tolerance. Chrysacolla is a stone of harmony. 

CITRINE: Clarifies our thoughts and builds self-worth by dissolving negative energies. By clearing the mind, it is easier to get a sense of direction in life. 

CLEAR QUARTZ: Clear quartz is a power stone. Can help with concentration, increases inspiration and creativity. Purifies the spiritual, mental, and physical planes. Can also bring an aura of protection. 

EMERALD: Known as the stone of the goddess Venus. It is thought to preserve love. Emerald gives the ability to make the "right" choice. It brings harmony, action and progress.

FLUORITE: Heightens our intuition. It can help maintain an unbiased impartiality when decisions have to be made, by reducing one's emotional involvement in a situation. Encourages us to peacefully see both sides of any situation. 

GARNET: It is a stone of love and passion. It gives courage and confidence, boosts energy, and guards against depression and melancholy. 

GOLDSTONE: Renews strength, balances energies and induces happy thoughts. It encourages faith and increases healing energies. Goldstone also prevents a big ego, deflects unwanted energies and eases stomach tension. 

HEMATITE: Hematite is a grounding stone and can be useful for a mental "tune up." It enhances memory and dissipates negativity. It stimulates the circulatory system. 

KYANITE: This balancing stone is known to be a natural pain reliever. Its high vibration can help raise the consciousness level. This is one of the few stones that never requires cleaning. 

LABRADORITE: Related to dreams, illusion and the imagination. Can help us perceive things beyond the physical planes. Strengthens the intuition and psychic abilities.  

LARIMAR: Enhances one's ability to express emotion and promotes an open mind. It clears emotional blocks, depression and stress. It's sad that it teaches love, respect and enhances the ability to nurture. 

LAPIS LAZULLI: This stone is for understanding: understanding oneself, others and the higher principles of the Universe. Brings acceptance and serenity. 

MOONSTONE: Softens the ego, attracts harmony. Increases receptivity and awareness. Can bring emotional balance and flexibility. It promotes nurturing and expression of tenderness. 

PRENHITE: A stone of unconditional love and it aids in attracting new friends. Prenhite connects the will and the heart thus allowing one to feel a contentment or "oneness" with oneself and the world. 

PYRITE: Shields from negative energies and assists one ins seeing behind facades. It helps with overcoming fatigue and increases stamina. It is a grounding stone that aids in materializing concepts.

RAINBOW MOONSTONE: Has a gentle and calming energy. Frequently used to improve intuition, it is aid that it can grant wishes. By clearing negative energies, it brings restful sleep and protects during pregnancy and travels. 

RHODOCHROSITE: Rhodochrosite helps feeling better. It dispels insecurities increases love, power and improves self-worth. It can also enhance dreams and imagination.

ROSE QUARTZ: The Love stone opens the heart, increases self acceptance and the ability to love others. Soothes heartaches, brings peace, compassion and kindness. 

RUTILATED QUARTZ: Improves self-esteem and enhances our mental and physical stability. It eases decision making. Can be considered as an eye and consciousness opener. 

SELENITE: This cleansing stone clears negative energies; and can be used to reprogram other stones. It is a stone of mental clarity, thus improving contacts with spiritual guides.

SERPENTINE: A very strong energy source, which can bring a sense of protection and increase psychic abilities. Brings balance to one's emotional state, helping to solve conflicts peacefully. It is said to aid in detoxifying the body and blood.

SMOKY QUARTZ: Helps one to live in the present moment. Good for organizational skills, it clears up miscommunications, opens up the paths of perception, learning and brings joy.

SODALITE: Brings inner peace and harmonious communications. Fosters knowledge and unite practicalities with the sacred laws of the Universe. Eliminates confusion. 

SUNSTONE: Encourages optimist thoughts and moods. It enhances harmony, discipline, faith and a desire to reduce fear. It alleviates stress and can give strength and stability. 

TANZANITE: Links the mind with the heart. It gives one the ability to speak the truth and enhance compassion and healing. Tanzanite calms an overactive mind and promotes truthful communication. 

TIGER EYE: Focus, alertness and clarity are the keywords associated with Tiger Eye. It is a powerful stone, often use to attract and maintain wealth. Brings calm and wisdom so we can use power harmoniously.

TURQUOISE: A grounding stone that helps us to be right here. Favors healthy communications, brings loyalty and friendship. Reputed to be a protection and healing stone.

UNAKITE: Stimulates the healing of the Soul. Helps awake the higher self and get rid of pent up emotions. Helps us discern favorable relationships.

WATERMELON TOURMALINE: Balances the yin and the yang energies.