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Copper Chaitya (Stupa) Statue

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Copper Chaitya (Stupa) Statue

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Chaitya or the Stupa, which represents the Buddhist Universe, is the Buddhist sanctuary, sometimes square and sometimes round, with spires or steps on the capital. Each spire or step represents a heaven, the uppermost portion being a point which is supposed to be the highest peak of Mount Sumeru, a mythical mountain. On the four sides of the chaitya the figures of four Dhyani Buddhas Akshobhya, Ratna sambhav, Amitabha, Amoghasiddhi are placed. The place of Vairochana is in the center.




11.25 Inches High x 6.25 Inches Wide x 6.25 Inches Deep
Weight: 5.4375 Pounds


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