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Stephanie Johnson Stand-Up Folding Mirror (2 colors)

$ 34.00

Stephanie Johnson Stand-Up Folding Mirror (2 colors)

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Our Stephanie Johnson folding mirror is perfect for anytime touchups-stow it in your desk drawer, handbag, dressing table or carry-on. It unfolds to stand upright on your vanity and folds down flat for easy transport

6 3/8" L x 1/2" W x 4 1/4" H

-The mirror props upright to stand on your vanity, desk or countertop.
-It folds flat for easy transport and storage in your handbag or carry-on.
-The convenient size makes it perfect for on-the-go touchups.
Color Options:
Tinseltown Gold and Gunmetal
Taking a cue from the land of celluloid and celebrities, glitzy crinkle patent beams bright in bold metallic. Dramatic jet black liner and metallic teardrop tab zipper pulls put the finishing touches on an assortment of cosmetic travel accessories guaranteed to add shine to the dressing room and dressing table alike.

Travel Chic with Stephanie Johnson
At Stephanie Johnson, Travel Chic is more than just our motto. It’s a lifestyle. It’s about the intersection of fashion and function. It’s about creating a stylish haven for all of the essentials that make you look and feel beautiful. It’s about streamlining your suitcase, your carry-on, and your handbag. It’s about having options – with bags that offer removable components and multiple compartments so that you can divide and conquer. It’s about adding that irresistible pop of color, that gorgeous textile, that one-of-a-kind print to your vanity, or to your life at 30,000 feet. It’s about making it personal. It’s about making it yours.