7 Chakras Smoothie

The seven Chakras are the centers in our bodies in which energy flows through. It's imperative to realign, balance, open and heal these chakras. As blocked energy in any of these chakras can lead to illness. My friend Aleksandra created a smoothie which represents each one. Root (red), Sacral (orange), Solar Plexus (yellow), Heart (green), Throat (blue), Third Eye (indigo), and Crown (violet). Watch her creation below!




Aleksandra Winters, Founder of Olenko's Kitchen Revolution is a passionate Food Art Intuitive Chef, Health and Wellness coach. Her vegan and raw food is inspired by the colors and shapes of nature, her travels, art, and her passion for cooking. Her goal is to use pure, organic, healthy and unprocessed ingredients, in order to prepare her meals with minimal intervention to create unconventional flavors and food recipes.

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