“I ensure that you will not be wearing just an accessory, but you’ll be wearing your own Inner Journey…your story. With Spiritual Boho, I try to bring the intangible to life and establish that you always have a unique and Soulful experience.” 


At Spiritual Boho, I go along with you on your journey making a special, customized jewelry piece using our intuition and having you guide us to what you want brought to life. My pieces are about YOU...your story, your journey, your intention!

It is bringing to life an extension of your most authentic Self. I intuitively design my artisan jewelry for the woman who wants to embrace her journey, live a life of intention, discover and manifest miracles!

But most importantly…to wear their jewelry piece as a symbol of their journey and to witness how far they have come and where they are guided to next in discovering their most authentic Self. 

















As a child, Veronica knew she was meant to create, be an artist. Her soul yearned to pursue the passion of the arts. And at age 15, she became an Arts and Crafts teacher. Unfortunately that dream was short lived, but as Veronica got older, her passion grew bigger for creating something meaningful to inspire and change lives. Then in 2012, it happened. Veronica awakened to her Soul’s answer: creating spiritual based jewelry. She was asked to create a mala for her friend’s wedding and the rest is history.

Within making the mala and other jewelry pieces, revealed all the answers she was searching for. By using her intuition and her knowledge of all the gemstones and their healing powers, Spiritual Boho was born. Her goal was to make jewelry that would bring self-empowerment to other women, inspire them, and show to the world their symbol of their spiritual journey in life. Since then, creating each and every single piece has become a divine practice and a part of Veronica’s own personal journey.



“Each piece of jewelry that I make is not just that, but a piece of my own Soul. I create every bit of jewelry keeping a soulful intention. The values that I put into my art reflect themselves through energies to one with a keen eye.”

Veronica wanted every jewelry piece to be unique- therefore the gemstones had to be of high quality (A Grade) and unique in nature. With that, every single piece is made from scratch with eco-conscious materials and exclusive gemstones that is hand chosen by Veronica herself. It can take up to a week to make, for it is custom made to physically and spiritually touch those who wear it. Veronica unites dedication and sentiment towards her art, spirituality, beauty, and style to each piece. Creating these pieces is an intuitive and meditative spiritual practice that is all created by hand, never outsourced. The technique is a fusion of metalsmithing and “Lost Wax.” Veronica creates each piece with so much love, that they become consecrated adornments.

“I ensure that you will not be wearing just any accessory, but you will be wearing your Inner Journey..Your Story. With Spiritual Boho, I try to bring the intangible to life and establish that my buyers always have a unique, soulful experience .”