Mala Care

We know how much you love them and want to carry them wherever you go, but these are pieces that do require some care. They are delicate and sacred pieces. Please treat them with love as they're all handmade. We recommend removing them prior to bathing, doing yoga or swimming. Avoid spraying them with any sort of scents/perfumes. 

Our malas are made to last. However, if you are ever in the predicament where it does break, we can restring it for you. Should it break within the first 45 days of purchase, we will restring it at no cost to you, just return shipping fees will be charged. After 45 days, restringing services are available at a small service fee. Additional details about the repair of your piece can be discussed via email.

For additional questions regarding the care for you mala, email us at


Cleansing Your Mala

All of our malas are created with a specific intention in mind. They're always made with love, devotion and dedication. Once made, they're cleansed prior to them reaching their owner. We believe that gemstones carry and transmit energy from the person touching them. For that reason, we cleasnse them before they reach your hands. We recommend that once you get your malas, you should cleanse them at least once a week. 

Cleansing is easy to do and easy to maintain. Here are a couple of things you can do to cleanse and re-energize your malas.

1. Sunlight/Moonlight: Take your mala outdoors and simply place your mala under the direct light of the sun or moon. Or place it on a window sill.

2. Sage it: Burn some sage over you mala. You can say a mantra while doing so.

Let these malas be a reminder of your own personal journey.