A Powerful Mantra to Use Anytime

As a scientist, I was always taught that every matter (made up of atoms) is in a constant state of vibration. Thanks to the teachers of ancient time, they discovered that specific sounds energized certain parts of the brain. They used these sounds to create sacred words called mantras. So why are they important? They act by reprogramming the vibrations of the cells. Not only do they affect the physical body, they also act upon the Soul. Repetition of a mantra is a way of keeping us in the present and quieting our minds. The lovely Kajal Pandey shares a powerful mantra to use at anytime. 

Kajal Pandey is a life coach, a self-love teacher and writer. In her own words, "I empower you to elevate your consciousness and tap into your spiritual potential all while living a life you deeply love. I am a catalyst for your growth. Here you will find transformative tools, insights and reflections from my journey on living a whole life as we unlearn fear and reclaim love."

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