Chakra Collection

Veronica Carrillo

Posted on October 18 2017

The Chakra Collection, my very last collection of 2017! I wanted to finish up the year with a collection that strives to embody our infinite potential in physical form. For those that may not know, Chakras are thought to be these centers for the essential life force referred to as Prana. The Chakras metabolize different kinds of energy and transmit them within the auric field. Each chakra acts like a vortex of energy. Optimally, each chakra is open and moving in a clockwise direction. In the event that they may become congested, closed or reversed, the energy is unable to flow freely. Thus, potentially impacting the person's well-being. 

This collection features iconic symbols representing each chakra and each is paired with an associated colored gemstone. In addition, I crafted a ring in the shape of an open lotus flower with an amethyst stone, both a representation of ultimate expansion.

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