Just as it is part of my spiritual journey to design pieces with intention and good vibes, it is equally as important for me to give back. This has inspired me to contribute 5% of all My Bohemia Jewelry’s sales to the Nepal Youth Foundation

This amazing organization offers many services in Nepal by providing education, freedom, health and shelter. Briefly, they offer scholarships to underprivileged and disabled children. They provide former Kamlaris (girls who worked as house slaves) with vocational education. The final outcome of their program are self-sufficient and career established girls who are able to support themselves and their families. Along with providing nurturing home environments for orphans and abandoned children, they provide treatment to impoverished children with HIV/AIDS.

Ultimately, I believe that everyone has the right to basic human necessities, such as food, shelter and education. When you buy from My Bohemia Jewelry, you're not just making a purchase for yourself, you're investing in someone’s future, helping them thrive and succeed in life. For that, thank you!


Veronica C.