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24kt Gold Plated White Tara Statue

$ 575.00

24kt Gold Plated White Tara Statue

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In Buddhism, Tara (Sanskrit, "star") is a Buddhist savior-goddess especially popular in Tibet, Nepal and Mongolia. White Tara (Sitatara) The goddess of universal compassion, Tara represents virtuous and enlightened action. It is said that her compassion for living beings is stronger than a mother's love for her children. She also brings about longevity, protects earthly travel, and guards her followers on their spiritual journey to enlightenment.


  • Statue is 24kt gold plated over copper
  • Hand enameled
  • Statue was handmade in Nepal by a Master Craftsman
  • Weighs 3lb 6 oz
  • Measures 9.25 x 6